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Using Voxwire’s VoIP conference software to stay ahead in the web conferencing market

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Using Voxwire’s VoIP conference software to stay ahead in the web conferencing market

Although most corporations rely on WebEx, Microsoft Live Meeting, and Macromedia Breeze to satisfy their web- and audio-based conferencing needs, a few new smaller web conferencing companies are entering the arena at a much lower cost to individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.

While these web conferencing providers use traditional audio technology to power the web conferences, the new conferencing providers such as Voxwire use VoIP conference software that matches the reliability and sound quality of the larger web- and audio-based providers. In fact, a key feature of Voxwire’s technology is its ability to send audio over the Internet at low bandwidths without compromising sound quality.

Why choose Voxwire’s voice over IP technology

To stay competitive in the growing VoIP web conferencing sector, providers must combine multimedia features that smoothly integrate into the end users’ systems, and possess a reliable and cost-effective audio platform. Voxwire’s voice over IP technology efficiently delivers its product at a competitive cost and with consistent service.

The most important component of Voxwire’s success is its ability to integrate Simple Software’s voice conferencing technology, which uses very little bandwidth (less than 20 Kbps). By doing so, even dial-up users can experience excellent sound quality over any distance. One only needs a microphone and speakers to set up a web meeting, and by purchasing a headset (around $20) better sound quality is ensured. Voxwire’s web conferencing features include a web touring module (the Follow-me Browser), moderator controls (the Voice Communicator), and Instant Text Chat, which can even be used by meeting participants without microphones.

A competitive cost structure where service is a priority

Another great Voxwire benefit is its flat monthly competitive licensing fees.

  • For a 2-person meeting (Personal MeetingRoom), rates are $9.95 per month and each additional person is $5
  • For a Group MeetingRoom, rates include a $15 set-up fee for the room and start at $29.95 per month for 10 people. One can add another 10-person block for half the price of the group rate

Voxwire offers self-help customer service support tools such as its Illustrated User Guides and searchable FAQ library, to get the user back to work. The company also offers a free e-mail troubleshooting service and a live telephone support line that charges $25 per call.

With Voxwire, VoIP technology doesn’t need to be complicated or costly. By using a little bandwidth to fuel its audio technology, users can experience all of the benefits and none of the costs of a more expensive web conferencing service.

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